Code splitting helps in Increasing the Efficiency of the App by reducing the loading time of the browers

In React Apps Everything is bundled. File budling is the process of merging and importing all files into one single file. For budling, files React using Webpack.

Now comes the question of why bundling the files?

Bundling your files helps in optimization and reduces the time it takes for your page to load because the browser doesn’t have to run separate files while loading the web app.

Okay, then Bundling helps the browsers to run the App fast then why code splitting.

Bundling helps React App to load Pages fastly but…

A Video Calling feature in React-Native using Twilio

Step 1

  1. Create an account on Twilio:
  2. Now you have to create an API KEY for your App
  3. Go to settings → API keys → no create your API KEY

What is an Object?

→ Any value that’s not of a primitive type (a string, a number, a boolean, a symbol, null, or undefined) is an object.

→ For Instance: Array, functions are also treated as an object by JavaScript.

Creating Object

Objects in JavaScript can be created in multiple ways

  1. Here’s how we define an object:
const User = {}

This is the object literal syntax.

2. You can also initialize an object using the new keyword. here the function acts as a constructor for that object. In this, we can initialize the value.

Read this blog to know more about this keyword in…

It is a connection-oriented communication protocol that helps the exchange of message between the commuting device

The most common protocol in networks that use the Internet Protocol(IP); together they are sometimes referred to as TCP/IP.

TCP takes messages from an application/server and divides them into packets, which can then be forwarded by the devices in the network — switches, routers, security gateways to the destination.

It ensures a connection is established and maintained until the exchange between the application/servers sending and receiving the message is complete.

Internet Protocol (IP)

Internet Protocol has some set of rules for how data should…


As most of you know DOM refers to DOCUMENT OBJECT MODEL which is nothing but the Nested Tree structure of the HTML / XML code.

→ Each node in the tree is an Object representing HTML elements.

→ DOM allows HTML code to connect with JavaScript, DOM can be manipulated directly (i.e) documet.getElementById().

The workflow of Web Browers

Photo by Moritz Kindler on Unsplash

In JavaScript, we can use the single module and reuse it in different scripts for several times by Importing and Exporting it.

Import JavaScript modules 01

In Node JS we mostly use require keyword to import module from another place,

and ES 6 importing is done by import keyword

Let’s see some Examples,

const importedModule = require('./Folder1/File2.js') ;import importedModule from './Folder1/File2.js' ;console.log(importModule.performSomething()) ;//Invoking performSomething() from ./Folder1/File2.js

In Node JS we mostly use require keyword from importing Modules

Export JavaScript Modules

To make an Object in our file to be exportable, we assign that module to exports

which is the property module .

const person…

Class and Objects

Class is a template or a blueprint to create multiple objects, objects are the instance of the class,

A Class also describes the properties and behavior of Objects

When an object is created based on the class, the new object is referred to as an instance of the class. New instances are created using the new keyword.

Classes in JavaScript before ES 6

function myClass(name, age) { = name;
this.age = age;
this.friends = [];
myClass.prototype.addFriends = function(newFriend){
let myObject = new myClass('John', 18);console.log(myObject); // myClass { name: 'John', age: 18, friends: [] }myObject.addFriends("Helen") ;
myObject.addFriends("Harry") ;
myObject.addFriends("Qazi") ;

Photo by Stefan Cosma on Unsplash


An object is a built-in data type for storing key-value pairs. Data inside objects are unordered, and the values can be of any type.

Properties of Objects

Objects are enclosed with {} and for assigning value to the key we use, and also we can add methods/function as properties

For Instance,

let newObject = {
key1 : "value",
key2 : {
myKey : 14
myFuction : function(){
console.log(`This is how we use function/Method in an Object`) ;

Accessing Values

we use the DOT operator to access the value in the objects

For Instance,

console.log(newObject.key1) ; //[value](//value) 
newObject.myFunction() …

Most of us will be confused with this keyword in javascript because this in JS is different compared to this in other Programming language (JAVA) .


For All Regular function, this points to the WINDOW Object ( Global Context ) .

For Instance,

Output :

MONGO DB -is a NO SQL Database(It is not Relational DB )

  • It is based on BSON ( Binary Script Object Notation )

Mongo VS Relational Table

  1. Collections / Tables
  2. Documents / rows
  3. Field / Columns
  4. The collection isn’t strict about what goes in it / Tables is very strict

MongoDB Working:

→ It uses WeiredTiger Engine.

→ It can be used with js, java, python, and more…

→ Working with MongoDB directly is a little bit tricky so we use some additional libraries like mongoose for js which is more popular and easy to access the MongoDB.

→ Every data we…

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